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Pet portrait art

My 2 spaniels are the light of my life, my 2 cheeky fun-loving boys, they truly have got me through some very tough times. One is in the twilight of his life, at 13, Glen, was the family pet, he was my parents, I have been so lucky to inherit him. The other is still a wiper snapper at 3, Max, I got him when I lived and worked away, I missed my family and Glen.

Glen is the reason I now paint and am now an artist, I was unemployed and low on funds, I wanted to give my sister something thoughtful and hopefully nice for her birthday. I had a plain wooden box, I wanted to decorate and turn it into a trinket box, I felt that the perfect decoration would be some form of representation of Glen, so I tried to paint it in that way. I gave it a go and was surprised with the results, so then decided to try again painting on canvas, trying different styles and medium and then taking my art beyond pet portraits too. Shortly after my mum got sick, terminal cancer, I moved home to care for her and take over her caring responsibilities. I brought my paints with me and continued to paint my boys. Doing this at this time was a real boost to both my mum and me as she loved seeing what I produced. I may consider branching out beyond these 2 beautiful boys to paint other animals too, keep a look out to see if I do.

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